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JOS in General

JOS (Just One Spark) is simply an idea of what might have to happen to make Roy and Ed actually like each other, or at least see eye-to-eye.

No short jokes intended. xD

In the Fullmetal Alchemist anime and manga series we see Roy and Ed as proud rivals, usually fighting and trying to get on each other's nerves. I personally think that's awesome, and try to incorporate as much of that fun in my comics as I can. ;D

So you'll see a lot of bad jokes and stupid comedy. Sorry about that. >w>

But no worries. It is supposed to be balanced out with a bit of serious drama, with ominous overtones I picked up from the series.

I generally try to stay as close to the official series as possible in terms of story, characters and art style, occasionally adding a retarded remark on my part. I'm just a big fan of the series and strive to do the characters justice. \o/

Version 2.0

This is actually the second version of my webcomic that was posted here last year. I got so sick of seeing all the low-quality artwork and techniques that I scrapped it and started over.

Perfectioniiiist. xD;

New story, new pages, new art style, new dialogue, new drawing techniques.

So this time round, I hope it shall be way better. ^^


Yeah, JOS is mainly about the Roy and Ed pairing, which means two guys. Boy love, gay relationships, yaoi, shounen-ai... really all of the above.

However, there'll be no sex and definitely not explicit content on that part. When it final gets to it (after loads of story, I warn you now), it's all kisses, hugs and innocent stuff. And that's the way I likes it. <3

If you don't like it don't read it. No worries. :]

How it Happened

JOS began as an incredibly random RP (role-play) with myself and my little sister. It was like.. 'hmm, let's see now.. how can we get these two together? This shall be a challenge indeed!' xDD

Eventually, it wound up being an unbelievably long RP of about half a year. Our second longest RP ever!

In our original RP Roy and Ed went though loads of drama. They got together, they split, there was a war, a lot of military business, they both nearly died at seperate points, there were lots of other relationships involved in the story. Some OC's.. Roy's brother came into it, a gypsy boy, and Havoc too. There was implied rape, there was blood and violence, and there was a hell of a lot of laughing too!

I'm not sure if we can keep to the original story.. but I'll certainly try to keep it fun enough for you lot. x)

How I do it

First me and sis discuss the script and get the story down. Then I break it down into chapters, pages and panels. Then I draw usually a chapter's worth of pages in draft to assess layouts and readability before then going onto drawing them.

I draw the pages entirely digitally. I use Photoshop 7 for panels and text. But mainly I use a fantastic art program called Paint Tool SAI from the Japanese company Systemax to draw and tone the lineart.

I highly recommend SAI! It's miles better than OpenCanvas and Photoshop CS in my personal opinion. :3