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Author Comments:

BritishMuffin, 30 Jun 2008 08 ( Reply )

- I am like, SO proud of those hands in the second panel, specially the automail one! xO

*lulz @ Ed*
Eccentric much?

Please read left>>right.

Thanks everyone!
@Winterthur: Uhhh, no, of course not. Ed's just over-playing Roy's apparent womanizer-ness. xDD

Advertisement, 27 May 2018 08 ( Reply )


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Reader Comments:

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I agree with you. You draw the perfect set of hands! When I draw hands, they look like cookies with sticks -_-;I love the fourth and sixth panal by the way!:)

posted by SasukeFreak on 04 Jul 2008 03

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so awesome so far. *w* Can't wait for mooore~

posted by BunnyTheAssassin on 04 Jul 2008 04

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(Too lazy to log in, sorry!)

Those things Ed listed...Is it all true? Is Roy married and has all those kids? (XD Realtionship with Roy would be awkward!)

posted by Winterthur (Guest) on 04 Jul 2008 06

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Oh Ed your so crazy! XD What the hell is he talking about? XD

Your hands are love! O_________________O I wish I could draw like that. Like for real I think I might have to kill you and steal your skill! O____O

posted by Kurayami on 04 Jul 2008 11

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I'm with SasukeFreak on the hand drawing skillz. Love your hands in this and it's all crazy awesome! Great job again! ^-^

posted by Hikaru (Guest) on 05 Jul 2008 01

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Al in the bottom corner is adorable!

*works it out*
if he has 5 wives and 19 girlfriends and 30 children that means he has more than one child with some of the wives/girlfriends, meaning in some of his 'families' he has 2 or more children called roy junior. lol!
and some how i could see him doing that.
(wow, i don't believe i just thought so much...)

posted by kattyheather on 05 Jul 2008 03

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